Wednesday, April 19

A New Award

While judging my Monday Challenge, I decided my usual Golden Keyboard Award did not fit this contest and so I made a new award! Isn't it cute?

It was so much fun to see into your homes and lives--thanks for letting me peek! Everyone came up with such fun stuff to show! Lying in bed this morning thinking about picking a winner, I had a picture of green jars in my head and I knew I had to pick Pink-Diamonds. As you can see, her post showed a ton of personality. And do notice the border on her page. It is just adorable!

Congrats, Pink-Diamonds! Email me and I will give you the code to put the award on your blog. (And this award will just be an occasional one, I think, not every week....) Thanks again to everyone who participated!!


At 9:12 AM, Blogger pink-diamonds said...

Oh wow! Thank you. I loved looking into everyones homes too.

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Amanda/Mayhem Mama said...

This contest is a great idea. Next time, can you make the time frame a little longer? I'd love to participate, but couldn't get it done before yesterday.


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