Saturday, July 22

Opinion Saturday

A topic for Opinion Saturday...hmm...what shall we talk about? Why don't you tell me something you've done in your adult life that as a kid you NEVERinyourwildestdreams thought you would do.

My personal 'thing' is that I now have 8 kids. When I was a kid I swore I'd never have more than 4. But here I am. Who'd a thunk it? Not me, for sure.

So, tell me something about the adult-you that would surprise the kid-you. You have until Monday evening. Seems like we haven't done a Very Interesting Person lately. So let's make this one for the VIP Award, OK? I'll announce a winner on Tuesday morning.

Have fun!


At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Nohe 5 said...

Last year, my husband and I were driving past the restaurant where we first met. He looked over at me and said, "When we met, if I had said to you 'Hey my name is Marty and in four years we will be married, you will be pregnant and we will be taking our two black kids to the beach.' do you think you would have believed me?" NO!

My whole life would freak my younger self out. I went to college and studied theatre. I was a hippie liberal. For a while I tried to be a Wiccan. I dated the wrong boys, drank and smoked. Now I am the only one of my siblings to remain a practicing Catholic. I'm a stay-at-home mom, an adoptive mom and a rather conservative Republican.

My younger self wouldn't even want to be seen with me, let alone know she was going to grow up to be me.

At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Nohe 5 said...

Last year, my husband and I were driving past the restaurant where we first met. He looked over at me and said, "When we met, if I had said to you 'Hey my name is Marty and in four years we will be married, you will be pregnant and we will be taking our two black kids to the beach.' do you think you would have believed me?" NO!

My whole life would freak my younger self out. I went to college and studied theatre. I was a hippie liberal. For a while I tried to be a Wiccan. I dated the wrong boys, drank and smoked. Now I am the only one of my siblings to remain a practicing Catholic. I'm a stay-at-home mom, an adoptive mom and a rather conservative Republican.

My younger self wouldn't even want to be seen with me, let alone know she was going to grow up to be me.

At 7:28 AM, Blogger Jeana said...

Nohe's hubby's comment made me laugh!

I would definitely say my life as a dedicated believer in Christ. I grew up in church, but it was always just a Sunday thing for me. I remember once my mom asking if a guy I was dating was a Christian and I thought, "What does that have to do with it?"

And just the other day the kids and I were talking about why we don't do sleepovers (there's an opinion Saturday topic for you). I was telling about some of the trouble we got into at sleepovers as kids (not our only reason for the rule) and Aidan asked, "Mommy, did you do any of that stuff?" I said, "Aidan, it was usually my idea." I was definitely a troublemaker as a kid, so I think I would be surprised back then to know, as an adult, how much my faith would be a part of my life and how conservative I would be as a parent.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

In my teens, I joked with my best friend that I would have four daughters and stay home with them, full time. Maybe teach preschool, because my kids could come with me for free. 12 years later, I had three daughters (we lost a daughter in the second trimester) and I was teaching staff children at our church - full time!
I'd love to find my old high school friend and find out if she ever had the five kids she was planning on...

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


As a little girl growing up in rural Manitoba, Canada (for those of you wondering, it is that province in the middle right above North Dakota/Minnesota) I never thought that I would get married at age 23, and exactly three weeks after our wedding move to California. I never thought I would plan a wedding in 7 weeks and 6 days to accommodate an international move and still get the exact wedding we wanted!

I never thought that my first baby would be a little California girl! She is so sweet!

And I never thought I would have the opportunity to do seminary studies at a graduate level and earn my graduate certificate in Christian ministry.

As a little girl I never thought for one second that I would be where I am now!

And as a little girl I never knew that such a personal relationship with the Lord was available to all His children! I never thought that He would show me He wanted us to move to California and then take care of all the logistics of it for us. That He would instruct me to teach children the Bible and then help me. That He would send me to seminary and then help me all the way including learning Greek while I was pregnant (last half of my pregnancy, I finished two and a half weeks before our baby arrived! and I do not recommend learning biblical greek while pregnant!)

And more importantly, I never thought that the Lord would speak to me during my quiet time, encouraging me, teaching me, strengthening me, and showing me who He is!

So my younger self never saw the life I have now coming.....


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was the rebelious teenager...alcohol,ciggs, pot, pregnant at 17. All my "friends" kept having babies, and I had an only child for 9 years. when my girl was 3 I cleaned up my act and excepted Christ as my Savior. I've now been happily married to a pastor for almost 3 years, have had 1 more beautiful daughter and love Jesus wholly! My old self would be laughing at my new self!

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

I was a "product of divorce" growing parents were divorced and all of my friends parents were divorced and I swore I would NEVER get married and I would NEVER have kids, because it "never ended well". Ha!

Now at 29, I have been happily married for 10 years, have nine kids and one on the way, have adopted from all sorts of places, ages, etc. and life is a ball. It's hard to believe I was once so cynical, and it's wonderful what love can do. :)

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I never thought I would know I was going to marry a man from the first time I met him.

My husband and I met on a church canoe trip, and I didn't even realize I liked him, but yet I thought "this is how it [relationships, marriage] is supposed to be [regarding our interaction]..." and I knew that I was going to marry him.

I have been married to him for 3 years now!

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Shash said...

I never thought I'd be married to a Pastor! In my teen years, when I backslide - they were the last people I wanted around me let alone in my life - personally. What a sense of humour God has!!

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Multi-taskingmom said...

Fly in an airplane. As a kid I was never ever ever going to do that. Well fast forward some number of years, and DH (fiance then) got an offer to speak at a convention in Holland - all expense paid no less, not only that, they would pay for my plane ticket as well. Who could resist an opportunity like that. Soooo off we went - me a nervous wreck - what if I panicked half way there over the ocean? Well the flying wasn't so bad - except I woke at one point (I was in the aisle seat) to see a man being helped down the aisle with an oxygen mask on. My first thought (I don't know why) was "we're going to crash and I don't have my shoes on". It wasn't until I realized that everything was fine (just seconds later - but it seemed a lot longer), that it occured to be that what differance did it make if I had my shoes on or not if we really had been going to crash. We still laugh about it today.

We had a great time in Holland - each department of the university sponsoring the convention tried to out do the next with wining and dining us - I never ate so much in my life.

So I was never going to fly - but I did.

At 6:18 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

I never thought I would choose to live close to my parents. Family life was rocky when I was a teen and I thought I would get as far from them as possible and never look back.

Well now they are our closest neighbors. The next closest are about 3/4 of a mile. We aren't in our home town, but we chose to live together on this land.

The change came after having kids. I did not have much relationship with my grandparents. I wanted my kids to have that and of course who can beat the free babysitting! :)

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

I have to agree with Stephanie. I never thought I'd be married, let alone have my MIL as my best friend. We live in a big city, and my in-laws live less than two miles away. She lives two houses from the school campus, so my daughters walk there after school!
I cannot say enough about the free babysitting, when we're counting our pennies!

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Beck said...

I thought that I'd be a writer living in some garret in Paris, probably, having lots of lovers, drinking and using lots of substances, only to die tragically at 30, leaving behind a really rockin' corpse in leather pants.
Um, I'm 3 years over my childhood life expectancy, been married forever to my high school boyfriend, and I'm the at-home mom of three kids! Someplace, I took a serious detour from my plans!

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Brianna Heldt said...

Growing up I didn't really care about having kids, and had high hopes of working as a lobbyist in Washington DC where I could carry a briefcase, wear fancy business suits, etc.

HA HA HA! Now here I am, I didn't finish college, I'm married and the at-home mom of three awesome kids, two of which are adopted from Ethiopia. Now I just look back and laugh because God had, as usual, far better plans for my life!

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Heather from One Woman's World said...

I married a granola crunching, environmentalist, bearded, hiking, exercisaholic. Who'd a thunk it? I'm so glad I did, though.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger MomEtc. said...

The kid me would be very surprised by much of who I am as an adult. I think I'd be shocked that I became a dentist! Who (especially girls) ever thinks they will become a dentist? I'd be surprised actually that I work because I was raised to be a stay at home wife and mom. I think I'd be surprised to see that I adopted my amazing little daughter from halfway around the world. I think I'd be surprised that I am Wiccan but also equally surprised to realized that I still think Roman Catholicism is very important in our lives. I think I'd be surprised to see that I am so happy living in the Bronx, my hometown. I feel like the list can go on and on.

I also think I'd be shocked to see what I look like! Who would think I'd be dyeing my hair since thirty, chubby and short!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I never thought I'd be a stay at home mom (I was going to be a public school teacher and save the world one disadvantaged kid at a time) it goes without saying I can't believe I'm a homeschooler.

I never would drive a mini van...and I do.

And, I would never ever ever let myself get over 150 lbs. HAAAAAA on that one.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Mrs.Robin said...

Wow - so many things are different than I expected!
I thought I would work in some scientific field (never stay-at-home, how boring!) or be a missionary in Africa.
I thought homeschoolers were really, really weird people who had a problem with socialization.
I thought I'd marry early. God brought my hubby when I was 25.
Oh, and I was absolutely sure I would never marry a self-employed man. My husband is self-employed, though, and would never want it any other way.
I thought I'd live near my parents forever. Now I live 1500 miles away.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Umm 'Skandar said...

The funniest thing is realizing that the six-year old me would be very happy with how I turned out; its the 17-19 year-old me that would be very very surprised. At six I wanted to be a writer and a mother. I was constantly writing books in my head and reading every book in the library. I wanted to have a big, big family. And here I am. I have three kids with possibly more in my future and I'm reclaiming my identity as a writer. But that teenage rebellious me, she was an angry one who wanted no kids, no husband. She was going into politics, or the academy. And would definitely live in the northeast. She was going to kick some ass. She would have never lived in the south or took pride in her piecrust or gotten married at 25 (I did all three). But both the 6 year me and the 19 year old me, would have been surprised that it took travelling half way around the world and living in the desert and learning Arabic and discovering how to navigate in Muslim society to find a way to forge a life in America that makes the six-year old me and the 38 year-old me happy! And even the teenage me would find a few things to be proud of! (The 13-year old me is still stunned that did any of it at all)

At 10:12 PM, Blogger momofalltrades said...

I was a very gifted student who got by school. I literally felt my brain shrivel up and die. Even the private school couldn't feed me information fast enough. At the ripe old age of 13, I informed my flabbergasted family that I would.not. be going to college. It wasn't even up for discussion unless they would allow me to get my GED early and I'd go to college during the time I should have been in high school. I wasn't allowed to take the test, so I graduated, got a great job (making more money than my dad!) and got married. When we decided to have kids, I became a SAHM, and started homeschooling my kiddos. This past spring, I did something I swore I'd NEVER do, I registered for college! I start classes in August and will be working toward my Associates Degree in Business Managment. Besides the obvious benefit of completing my education, I feel great that I'm setting an example for my kids for continuing education and showing them that I love learning. How's that for having to eat my words?

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I started to leave my comment here, but started having fun with it, so I posted my Opinion Saturday over at my blog.

Blessings, Michelle

At 7:28 AM, Blogger Kaci said...

I have a laundry list of these things... but I'd say right at the top is the fact that I married a professional wrestler. Growing up, I hated hated hated pro wrestling. I laughed at anyone who liked it. Laughed obnoxiously, I tell you. With finger pointing. And guffawing snorts. Now I'm married to a pro wrestler. And I'm quite proud of him. Never in my wildest...

At 8:03 AM, Blogger FrogLegs said...

I swore I would never lick my finger to clean off my kiddos face. The horror when I first caught myself-- now I make him lick his own finger and I guide it to his face. ;)

At 7:14 PM, Blogger cloudscome said...

Well I knew I would go to China, knew I would be a teacher, wanted to adopt kids and have a lot of them, wouldn't be surprised to find myself a librarian.

But I never in my wildest dreams ever though I would love my computer and spend this much time typing! LOL We used to make up mocking romance novellas about our typing teacher. And here I am, as a library media specialist, teaching keyboarding to the whole elementary school!! The joke is on me.

And even more dramatically, I NEVER expected to be a single mom. Never thought I would be the one to get pregnant and face motherhood alone, and of course never thought I would be able to adopt an infant (let alone two) as a single mom. But THANKS BE TO GOD ON HIGH his mercy lasts forever. His loving-kindness reaches to the skies. He is with us at all times and his grace is sufficient for us. He is my rock and my redeemer. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. Alleluia!

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Grafted Branch said...

I was going to be a pop star. Without children. Probably single. Famous for sure and rich.

I couldn't have guessed or believed that I would fall in love and enjoy a wonderful marriage, have 3 children, stay at home with them, (much less homeschool them,) and last but certainly not last: know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

I'm so glad it all turned out the way it did!

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oooh--I keep missing these! I need to remember to check on Saturdays! I don't have anything too clever to say, but I will say that I probably never thought that I'd fly first class to Paris (no excuse necessary, but they were free frequent flyer tickets) and then climb 700 steps up the Eiffel Tower.


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