Monday, July 24


OK, people! You will not believe this. Wordpress has ONE-click comment delete. (Instead of blogger's dumb 8-click or whatever it is.) So even IF I get a bunch of spam over there, it would take, like, a minute, to delete 10 comments. Instead of 15. OK, I am so going to try this out. Here I am-- Owlhaven. I am still working on my blogroll, my look, etc, so be patient.

Add me to your bloglines OK? If I utterly despise it, I can always come back to blogger. But the more I figure Wordpress out, the more I love it. It even let me import my entire archives from blogspot. How cool is that? Come see me. And just to relieve my mind, cvomment over there and tell me if you've bookmarked my new site. I REALLY don't want to lose a bunch of readers in this move. COME ON OVER!

And, oh, one final incentive. I'm announcing my VIP award OVER THERE!


At 7:56 AM, Blogger michele said...

The major problem with wordpress is that you will not be able to install the javascript blogrolls on it unless you pay for wordpress. I know this from experience -- we have two women with wordpress on the Blogging Chick blogroll and they have to use OMPL and they have to update it themselves at least monthly and you won't have any of the new additions to the blogroll (I'm adding people daily).

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Peach said...

I'm here, and I'll change you on my blogroll. You could change/add me to yours, too, if you like.


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